On the Issues


Unions make businesses better. Unions protect our workers, and make workplaces safer, stronger, and better. We need to create a workers’ bill of rights to safeguard workers’ right to fair working hours, safe working conditions, and humane treatment. Workers’ well-being should not be dependent on who holds power. We need to safeguard unions and protect workers for generations to come.

Congress must work to pass the PRO Act to ​​protect unions, empower workers, and hold big businesses accountable. When we built the Bucks’ stadium in Milwaukee, we ensured that all the labor was union labor from Wisconsin. Progressive values are good for business and the PRO Act will ensure that projects like what he did in Milwaukee can happen across the country.

We are currently one of the only campaigns in the country that has a unionized campaign staff because we practice what we preach. When you look at who to vote for, pay attention to how they run their campaigns and businesses.