On the Issues

Creating Good Jobs and Raising Wages

We have shown that progressive values are good for business and the economy. In building the Bucks’ Arena and the surrounding Deer District, we brought together a public/private partnership that emphasized workforce development. At least 43% of workers on the arena project consisted of people underemployed or unemployed over the past five years and 30% of service contracts were awarded to minority and disadvantaged businesses.

We also don’t just talk about a $15 minimum wage; we turned our promise into action. The Bucks pay all our employees at the Bucks’ Arena family-sustaining wages because we know that paying our employees fairly is not only the right thing to do, but also translates to higher productivity. Progressive values are good business.

We also ensured 80% of the materials and services for building the arena were sourced from Wisconsin. We created a great business, brought economic opportunity to the area, and prioritized progressive values. In the Senate I will join Tammy Baldwin and insist that the federal government buys construction materials that are made in the U.S.A. for all future infrastructure projects.

Instead of handing out corporate tax breaks across the board, we should only be rewarding companies that are doing the right thing. That means paying more than a $15 an hour minimum wage, keeping their supply operations in the United States, and being active partners in the communities that they do business in.

Congress must also pass the PRO Act to ​​protect unions, empower workers, and hold big businesses accountable. Progressive values are good for business and the PRO Act will ensure that projects like what he did in Milwaukee can happen across the country.