On the Issues

LGBTQ+ Equity

All LGBTQ+ Americans deserve equal rights and protections under the law. We still have a lot of work to do to make this a reality, and in the Senate, I will fight to make that happen.

Right now, there are over a dozen states where employers can legally fire workers simply for being gay, and even more where hotels can refuse to service, or landlord can refuse tenants just because they are gay. Not only is that just plain wrong, but it also means that LGBTQ+ Americans face a confusing web of local and state laws that make it difficult to understand what their rights are.

I am a strong supporter of the Equality Act, which will explicitly prohibit discrimination against people on the basis of sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression in all 50 states. This bill has passed the House but has not yet made it through the Senate. I will work in the Senate to get it passed as soon as possible.