On the Issues


Israel is dear to my heart, especially having grown up in a religious household. I understand the unique security risks facing Israel, and I will be a strong, committed friend to the Israeli people from Day One.

The United States must continue its historic and special role as Israel’s strongest ally. The United States has a unique responsibility and must play an active role in resetting the peace talks. As Senator, I will work with the Biden Administration as an active partner to achieve lasting peace through a two-state solution.

Any agreement must be built on Israel’s fundamental right to exist and the guarantee that Israel is protected and able to defend itself. I believe that any agreement must be directly negotiated by Israeli and Palestinian leaders, with the United States playing a supportive role.

It is also vitally important that this agreement is not pre-negotiated, and all parties avoid setting preconditions for the negotiations. With that said, any agreement should include recognition by Palestinian authorities of Israel’s right to exist, forceful condemnation of violence perpetrated by extremist groups, and an end to settlement expansion and annexation.