On the Issues


President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan will bring good, union jobs to Wisconsin and help with desperately needed infrastructure improvements across the state. We will finally be able to fix our crumbling roads and bridges, fund environmental remediation projects, and prioritize broadband to get all Wisconsinites covered with reliable internet.

The Build Back Better Plan also contains real, substantive investments to fight climate change. We need to electrify everything and decarbonize our electricity, while investing in a nationwide electric car infrastructure and large scale battery manufacturing here in the United States.

Fixing our infrastructure also means upgrading public transportation systems across our state. People across the country rely on public transportation to have access to family sustaining jobs, healthcare, and a good education. It is vital that we not only protect public transportation but expand and modernize it. I am a strong advocate for passenger rail that connects Wisconsin with our Midwest neighbors and beyond as well as reinvesting in other forms of public transportation across the state.