On the Issues


I believe that healthcare is a human right, and we need to ensure that everyone has access to quality affordable healthcare. I support adding a robust public option to the Affordable Care Act because I believe that this is the fastest way to get everyone covered. We also must ensure that the public option is set up so people can seamlessly transition in and out of the public plan.

The lack of universal health care is also bad for our economy and stifles innovation. Tying healthcare to an employer creates barriers for workers to leave their jobs to seek a better job, or start a company themselves. Access to universal health care will free workers to take a chance, get a better education, train for new skills, or even start the next great Wisconsin business.

Socioeconomic status should not be an indicator of whether a person has access to healthcare. Likewise, healthcare should not be a barrier for a person with variable employment but wants to ensure that their family is still covered.

But we can’t stop there. Healthcare simply costs too much, especially for seniors. Even as they are covered by Medicare, Wisconsin seniors are getting nickeled and dimed by rising out of pocket costs. That’s why I support adding vision, hearing and dental coverage to Medicare, and why I support allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription costs.

We also need to lower the cost of prescription drugs for everyone. Americans pay more than anyone else in the world for the exact same medications. We must find a new way to lower the prices of the medications that so many Americans depend on.