Where Alex Stands

On the Issues

I am running for US Senate because for over a decade Wisconsinites have had only one US Senator fighting for them in Washington.

I want to give Tammy Baldwin a true partner in DC to put money back in the pockets of hard working Wisconsinites and bring some real change and real results for the people of Wisconsin. I have a proven track record of delivering for the people of Wisconsin – whether it’s creating good union jobs, paying a $15-dollar minimum wage, fighting for social justice, or making it more accessible for people to register to vote. I don’t just talk about the issues, I have delivered on them.

In both urban and rural areas, people across Wisconsin are struggling with many of the same issues. Whether it is inadequate access to affordable healthcare, unsafe drinking water, a lack of access to high-speed broadband, crumbling infrastructure, educational challenges, or vanishing economic opportunity, our communities need help. I will do everything that I can to help raise wages, bring jobs and investment back to Wisconsin, and enact legislation that will make people’s lives better no matter where they live.

I am going to the Senate to get real results for Wisconsin. I will fight every day to bring back resources to our state and deliver legislation that will help Wisconsinites in their everyday lives.