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Our campaign is proud to be endorsed by labor unions, elected officials, and community leaders from across Wisconsin. We are working every day to build the statewide grassroots campaign that will beat Ron Johnson. It’s time to give Wisconsinites two Senators that they can be proud of. Sign up today to add your name to our growing list of supporters.

Labor Unions
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David Crowley Milwaukee County Executive
Jim Kreuser Kenosha County Executive
Cavalier Johnson Milwaukee Mayor
Mary Arnold Columbus Mayor
John Antaramian Kenosha Mayor
Joe Donald Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge
Martha Love Democratic National Committee Representative
Khary Penebaker Democratic National Committee Representative
George Christenson Milwaukee County Clerk
Shannon Holsey Great Lakes Intertribal Council President
Shelia Stubbs State Representative (Madison)
Kalan Haywood Jr. State Assembly Assistant Minority Leader
Lisa Subeck State Representative (Madison)
Dana Wachs Fmr. State Representative (Eau Claire)
Dave Hansen Fmr. State Senator (Green Bay)
Dennis Raabe Portage County Supervisor
Andrew Schauer Dane County Supervisor
José Pérez Milwaukee Common Council President
JoCasta Zamarripa Milwaukee Alderwoman
Nikiya Dodd Milwaukee Alderwoman
Ashanti Hamilton Milwaukee Alderman
Khalif Rainey Milwaukee Alderman
Boyd Frederick Kenosha Alderman
Mark Borkowski Milwaukee Alderman
Marvin Pratt Fmr. Milwaukee Mayor
Willie Hines Fmr. Milwaukee Council President
John Collins Fmr. Kenosha County Executive
Nasra Wehelie Madison Alderwoman
Dave Mahoney Former Dane County Sheriff