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ICYMI: Alex Lasry Tours Blue Line Battery in Beloit, Discusses “Make It In America” Jobs Plan

Beloit – Yesterday, Alex Lasry toured Blue Line Battery in Beloit where he highlighted his plans to support Wisconsin manufacturers and put more money back in working people’s pockets. He visited the business after learning about the company at the Whitewater University Innovation Center during a prior campaign stop.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Lasry has highlighted his support of Wisconsin manufacturing. Lasry led the charge to ensure that 80% of the materials used in the building of Fiserv Forum were made in Wisconsin. While Ron Johnson has been sending manufacturing jobs out of Wisconsin, Alex Lasry has been fighting to support more jobs here at home. He has a proven track record as a “Make it in America Democrat,” and it’s clear he’ll bring that experience to Washington when he beats Ron Johnson in November.

Wisconsin Senate hopeful Alex Lasry visits Beloit lithium battery business

Beloit Daily News // Sarah Myers

BELOIT—During a visit to Whitewater University Innovation Center, U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry saw a business card that caught his eye. The card was for Blue Line Battery in Beloit.

When the Wisconsin Democrat found out that Blue Line specialized in Lithium batteries he decided to make a point to stop at the business’s Beloit office. On Monday, he took a tour of the facilities and chatted with Blue Line president Phil Fonfara and his employees.

“The cool thing is you see a company that’s taking off from the Whitewater Innovation Center,” Lasry said. “ That’s really cool. This isn’t some Silicon Valley tech startup. This is a Wisconsin born and bred company that is staying here, manufacturing here and creating jobs that started from our local business school and technical school.”

Fonfara and Nick Rinaldi, vice president of finance at Blue Line Battery, showed Lasry and two members of his team around their facilities and spoke about green technology in Wisconsin.

According to Blue Line Battery’s website, it “specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of advanced industrial Lithium-Ion battery systems for the material handling industry.”

Fonfara and Lasry spoke at length about climate change and ways to conserve energy in Wisconsin and in the United States.

“It’s even more important in Wisconsin because the majority of our energy in the state comes from coal,” Fonfara said. “You’ve got forklifts that are running out of coal, so if you can lower 50% of that energy consumption, that’s huge.”

Fonfara told Lasry that he has been the only candidate to reach out and meet with his company.

Lasry told the Beloit Daily News that his visit to Blue Line Battery is in line with the types of action items he’s been campaigning for during his run for senate.

“You see a startup like Blue Line growing the way they are creating jobs here while protecting the environment,” Lasry said. “I think that shows that climate change, as scary and terrible as it is, is an opportunity for us to create a lot of jobs and move our economy forward while making sure that we’re having a planet to live on in 10, 20 years.”

Lasry also took the time to discuss his thoughts on inflation, the Jan. 6 committee hearings, and what the next three weeks will look like for him as he nears the primary election on Aug. 9.

“Our plan is really how to put more money back into people’s pockets,” he said. “That’s what we’ve been talking about … the best ways to ease inflationary pressures and supply chain issues is to raise wages and bring more jobs here.”

Lasry added that investing in the workforce and manufacturing is going to improve output and solve supply chain issues. He added his work in creating 10,000 jobs at the Milwaukee Bucks arena, where Lasry is the senior vice president, is an example of that.

Lasry also spoke about the recent Jan. 6 committee hearings and his thoughts on U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s role in the insurrection.

“I think it’s clear why Ron Johnson was downplaying what it was. Even though capitol police died, he was downplaying it,” Lasry said. “Because he had a role in this. I think it’s clear that Ron Johnson cares more about overthrowing an election than bringing jobs and investment here and protecting our democracy.”

For the next three weeks, Lasry said he will be focusing on his main campaign issues including growing the economy, reducing gun violence and protecting women’s reproductive health.

“I want to make sure that working people have more money to put into their pockets and that we’re able to raise wages and create jobs,” Lasry said. “We also need to make sure we’re talking about now some of the other big issues that are popping up in this campaign, whether it’s making sure that women have the ability to make their own health care decisions and stopping the threat of gun violence.”

Lasry adds that many people in the country feel that they need help and that the government needs to start solving these problems.

“And I think, for 12 years, Ron Johnson has done nothing,” he said. “I think people can see that and are looking for someone who can actually go to D.C. and not just fight but deliver and I think that’s the message we’re going to give for these final three weeks of this primary.”

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry’s campaign, visit