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NEW TV AD: Alex Lasry Releases New TV Ad “Made”

Milwaukee – Today, Alex Lasry’s campaign released a new TV ad focusing on the economy and his track record as a “make it in America Democrat”. Lasry talks about his efforts building Fiserv Forum using progressive values, including sourcing 80% of the materials and services from Wisconsin and paying workers at Fiserv Forum at least a $15 an hour minimum wage with a union.

Lasry is the most labor-endorsed candidate in the race and is the best candidate to take on Ron Johnson in November. Lasry has a plan to put more money back into working people’s pockets and build an economy that works for everyone. Yet, in order to do that, we must defeat Ron Johnson.



When it comes to building an economy that works for everyone.

One Democrat doesn’t just talk. Alex Lasry gets it done.

Building Fiserv Forum on progressive values:

Demanding 80% of the materials come from Wisconsin.

Now paying workers at least $15 an hour, minimum wage.

Endorsed by labor, Lasry is a make-it-in-America Democrat, who can beat Ron Johnson.

I am Alex Lasry and I approve this message because it’s time to get more money in the pockets of working people.