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ICYMI: Alex Lasry Slams Ron Johnson on Anti-Juneteenth Vote

Milwaukee – This weekend, Alex Lasry slammed Ron Johnson for his attempt to deny Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday along with his damaging rhetoric toward Wisconsin’s people of color. He also attended the Juneteenth festival in Milwaukee to celebrate with the community.

Alex Lasry: “It’s Time to Celebrate Juneteenth, No Thanks to Senator Ron Johnson.”
Milwaukee Courier 

“Americans across the country will be celebrating Juneteenth this year for the second year as an official federal holiday. The establishment of Juneteenth as a national holiday last year was a bright spot and the culmination of a long effort to get this done.

“But if it were up to Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the recognition of Juneteenth as a national holiday would have never happened.

“Two years ago, Johnson was the only U.S. Senator to object to a bill establishing Juneteenth Day as an official federal holiday. His opposition stopped the bill from moving forward and delayed its passage by another year.

“This incident was just one example of a twelve-year career in the United States Senate, where Ron Johnson has continuously worked to disenfranchise and demean Wisconsin’s people of color.

“In the past year alone, we’ve seen Ron Johnson say that he wasn’t scared of the January 6th rioters but would have been if they had been peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters.

“He opposed the eminently qualified Judge Ketanji Brown’s nomination to the Supreme Court. And he fought and helped block both the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act from becoming law.

“That’s not what Wisconsinites want or what we deserve. We need elected leaders who will stand up and fight for every community, no matter the color of their skin, the religion they practice, or the person they love.”

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Alex Lasry Celebrated Juneteenth at Milwaukee Festival 

[email protected]AlexLasryWI: Today was a beautiful day in MKE to celebrate #Juneteenth

We must act boldly and commit ourselves to justice, bring real change to police departments nationwide, and confront racism in every aspect of society.

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