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ICYMI: Alex Lasry: “Ron Johnson Won’t Protect Wisconsin From Gun Violence, But I Will”

Milwaukee – On Friday, Alex Lasry released an opinion piece in the Milwaukee Courier slamming do-nothing incumbent Ron Johnson for his inaction on gun violence–saying that “after accepting over $1.2 million and an ‘A rating’ from the National Rifle Association, Ron Johnson is compromised.”

Lasry recently released a public safety plan dedicated to making our communities safer through common-sense legislation like banning assault weapons, implementing universal background checks, and putting more sworn officers on the street.

“From day one of my campaign, I’ve been clear: assault weapons  have no place on our streets. If we want to prevent future acts of gun violence then we have to take bold actions,” said Alex Lasry. “We must ban assault weapons  and high-capacity magazines, impose waiting limits on firearm purchases, and make universal background checks mandatory all across the country—all of which I’ve called for in my recently released comprehensive public safety plan.”

While Ron Johnson has refused to do anything to protect our communities from gun violence, it’s clear that Lasry is fully committed to making the changes required to keep our children safe. 

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