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Alex Lasry Statement on The Blockage of the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

Milwaukee — In response to the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act failing in the U.S. Senate, Alex Lasry released the following statement:

“The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and FBI offices all have responsibility for monitoring domestic threats. This bill would have authorized all three agencies to help train and provide resources to assist state, local, and tribal law enforcement in understanding, investigating, prosecuting, and deterring acts of domestic terrorism–which is exactly why I put it in the forefront of my public safety plan.

“We have a responsibility to combat and prevent racially motivated violent extremism that is a threat to all Americans and today the Senate failed to carry through with that responsibility. Senators like Ron Johnson have turned their backs on the protection of our country with this vote. Time and time again, Ron Johnson has proved to the people of Wisconsin that he is simply not willing to take the votes needed to stop the violence in our streets.

“After tragedies like what happened in Buffalo, we as a country need to be doing everything we can to prevent white supremacy from destroying our communities through domestic terrorism–if the people we send to Washington can not do that then we need to vote them out.

“Wisconsins are tired of Ron Johnson not doing anything for them, and in November they’re going to let him know that.”