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NEW TV AD: Alex Lasry Releases New TV Ad “Especially Now”

Milwaukee – Today, Alex Lasry’s campaign released a new TV ad centered around Alex’s relentless support of a woman’s right to choose, and highlights his dedication to expanding healthcare and paid family leave for all Wisconsinites.

Alex’s wife Lauren Lasry says that Alex will protect a woman’s right to choose “especially now,” and that he’s “exactly the kind of ally Tammy Baldwin needs in the Senate.” As Alex puts it, Wisconsin simply has to do better than having Ron Johnson as its Senator, that’s why he is committed to fighting for real change for the hard working people of Wisconsin.

Self-serving Ron Johnson has made a career off of restricting the rights of others, and bashing a woman’s right to choose–he’s told pregnant women to “suck it up” and leave Wisconsin if they want an abortion and has has said that if Republicans retake control, they should “immediately” repeal Obamacare, taking healthcare away from millions of Americans.

WATCH “Especially Now” HERE


Alex: I’m Alex Lasry, a Democrat running to beat Senator Ron Johnson.

Lauren: And, I’m Lauren Lasry, and this is our daughter, Eleanor. 

Lauren: I know Alex will always fight for working families.

Alex: To get more money in the pockets of working people and lower costs.

Lauren: By making paid leave available and healthcare more affordable.

Alex: And I’ll always be a relentless supporter of a woman’s right to choose.

Lauren: Especially now.

Lauren: Alex is exactly the kind of ally Tammy Baldwin needs in the Senate.

Alex: So I approve this message because we have to do better than having Ron Johnson as our Senator.