From Milwaukee, Buffalo, and Beyond,

We Must Put An End To The Gun Violence Epidemic

Milwaukee – In the wake of the gun violence travesties taking place across the nation, Alex Lasry released the following statement: 

“Our country should be alarmed at what we’ve seen in these past couple of days, shooting after shooting—it’s clear, we need real change.

“The Friday night shootings downtown after the Bucks game, the five homicides across Milwaukee over the weekend, and the attack in Buffalo are just the latest examples of the gun violence epidemic ravaging communities across our country.

“Extremism and gun violence are destroying our communities. It’s too easy to obtain deadly weapons. It’s too easy to imagine a loved one being lost to gun violence. It’s too easy for politicians to sit on their hands and do nothing to address this epidemic. 

“It’s time we address the gun violence and crime that is continuously washing over our country. We need to properly fund public safety so that we can put more sworn officers on the streets, double down on funding for community crime prevention, and invest in efforts to decrease recidivism. But most importantly, we need to make sure that we are keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. From Milwaukee, Buffalo, and beyond, we must put an end to the gun violence epidemic.”