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Two Polls in Two Days Show Alex Lasry Surging in Wisconsin Democratic Primary

Milwaukee – With the release of the Marquette Law School Poll today that for the first time tested the Wisconsin Democratic Senate primary, there have now been two polls in two days that show Alex Lasry surging into a solid second place and gaining fast on Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes.

Yesterday, the Lasry campaign released a new polling memo showing that his campaign has continued to gain ground in the Democratic Primary. The poll showed Lasry is now just eight points behind Mandela Barnes, 27% – 35%, and no other candidate received more than 7% of the vote. The poll also showed that support for Lasry has grown by 23 points among Democratic primary voters in just six months in the campaign’s polling.

Today, the Marquette Law School Poll showed similar results with Lasry just ten points behind Mandela Barnes, 13% – 23%, and no other candidate receiving more than 5% of the vote.

The only other publicly released polling came from the Barnes campaign late last year. His campaign had two separate polls showing Barnes leading Lasry 40%-11% and 39%-16%. That lead has now clearly evaporated.

“In the last two days, we have seen two polls that show essentially the same thing – Alex Lasry has made this primary into a two-person race and is quickly closing the gap,” said Garren Randolph, Lasry’s campaign manager. “Wisconsinites aren’t looking for another career politician. We need someone with a record of delivering real results, that’s exactly why Alex has the momentum and is the best candidate to beat Ron Johnson this fall.”

Normington Petts conducted the Lasry Campaign poll and showed several key data points demonstrating Lasry’s momentum. The polling memo released by the campaign can be found here. Details on today’s Marquette poll can be found here.

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry’s campaign, visit