Campaign Updates

Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association Endorses Alex Lasry for US Senate

Terry Hayden, President of the Wisconsin Pipe Trades (WPTA), released the following statement on behalf of the WPTA announcing the endorsement of Alex Lasry for US Senate.

“The Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association proudly endorses Alex Lasry for US Senate. We need more people like Alex in the Senate who understand the importance of fostering economic growth and development while preserving union jobs.“

“He’s been crucial to Milwaukee’s resurgence over the last several years, most notably through his work to support the Milwaukee Bucks’ efforts to construct their new arena. His commitment to union labor has uplifted both the city and its people, as he led initiatives that helped local residents find family-supporting union employment. We know his focus has always been on doing what’s right to strengthen and support Wisconsinites. We also know that Alex will do all he can to maintain safe workplace conditions, safety regulations and protect the rights and well-being of workers.”