Campaign Updates

Lasry Campaign Staff Organizes With IBEW

MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senate candidate Alex Lasry today announced that his campaign staff has voted to unionize, and will be proud members of International Brotherhood of Electrical Engineers (IBEW) Local 494.

The Lasry campaign is the first statewide campaign staff to unionize in Wisconsin’s history.

“I am proud that our campaign staff has chosen to organize,” said Alex Lasry. “I have repeatedly said that every worker should have the right to join a union and that employers should welcome the benefits that a skilled unionized workforce brings to every workplace. This once again shows that progressive values and good business practices go hand in hand.”

Lasry for Wisconsin workers unanimously signed cards with the IBEW, and the campaign’s management swiftly recognized the union per a neutrality agreement reached with IBEW.

“This was exactly how a workplace organizing effort should go,” said Dean A. Warsh, Business Manager for IBEW Local 494. “Once again, Alex walked the walk, immediately recognizing the signed cards and agreeing to neutrality. Alex did the same when we worked with him on the construction of Fiserv Forum and the Deer District. This is something that every responsible employer should do and I urge every other candidate in this race to follow his lead.

“IBEW is thrilled to represent the workers of Lasry for Wisconsin,” Warsh continued. “We share Alex’s commitment to sustainable, progressive change in our state and in our country and couldn’t be more proud to be representing the workers on his campaign.”

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry’s campaign, visit