Campaign Updates

Milwaukee Common Council Members Endorse Alex Lasry

Milwaukee – Alex Lasry announced the endorsements of seven current and former Milwaukee Common Council members in support of his campaign for the United States Senate.

Lasry’s list of Milwaukee Common Council endorsements includes:

  • Common Council President Cavalier Johnson
  • Alderman and former Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton
  • Alderman Mark Borkowski
  • Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd
  • Alderman Khalif Rainey
  • Alderwoman JoCasta Zamarripa
  • Former Common Council President Willie Hines

“Alex has been a great community partner. He’s not afraid of tackling the big problems in our city and he’s willing to lead in ways that pull everyone together.” said Alderman Ashanti Hamilton. “That’s exactly the kind of representation Wisconsin needs in the U.S. Senate and that’s why I’m endorsing Alex Lasry.”

“The community-first approach that Alex has shown to address the issues that face Milwaukee and Wisconsin is the kind of collaborative attitude that we will need from our next Senator,” said former Milwaukee Common Council President Willie Hines. “We need someone that has the ability to bring people together from all different backgrounds to get things done. I’ve seen Alex do this in Milwaukee, and I know that he will do the same thing for all Wisconsinites, regardless of where they live.”

“Under Alex’s leadership, the Milwaukee Bucks have been a shining example of what corporate citizenship can be. It makes a real difference in a community to have an organization advancing issues and policies that make the lives of the surrounding residents better,” said Alderman Khalif Rainey. “With someone like Alex representing us in the United States Senate, this can be a reality for businesses and communities across Wisconsin and across the country. I’m proud to endorse Alex to be our next U.S. Senator.”

“Alex does everything that he can to fight for Wisconsin and the City of Milwaukee,” said Alderman Mark Borkowski. “Whether it was building the arena to create jobs for Wisconsinites and business for Wisconsin manufacturers or working to land the Democratic National convention here, Alex has been one of the most vocal proponents for our state. We need this energy in the U.S. Senate, we need someone who will fight every day for Wisconsin.”

Additionally, Johnson, Dodd, and Zamarripa appeared in Lasry’s announcement video to kick off the campaign.

“I am honored by the outpouring of support from these great Milwaukee leaders,” said Alex Lasry. “I couldn’t be prouder of the diverse, statewide coalition that is supporting our growing campaign for the United States Senate.”

The Democratic Primary Election for the United States Senate will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 2022. For more information about Alex Lasry and his campaign, visit